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St. Michael's Golden-Domed Cathedral
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Posted by Vasilisa on 19 Oct 2009

St. Michael's Cathedral was destroyed by the times of USSR in 1935 and anew built in 90th after Ukraine got it's independence. Inside cathedral there are unique mosaics and wall paintings which were taken out before cathedral devastation and kept safe in the museums of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

History of creationSt. Michael's Cathedral

St. Michael's monastery was founded in 1108 by the sons of Grand Duke of Kiev Izyaslav Yaroslavovich. In the same year had started the construction of the main monastery temple - St. Michael's Cathedral. Its creation was commemorated to Russian people victory over polovtsy.


The consecration of St. Michael's Cathedral took place in 1113. It was constructed on a precipice of Starokievskaya hill, and stood over road down to Dnieper. The monastery ground had become the burial place of several Grand Dukes of Kiev generations.


During the Tatar-Mongol invasion in 1240 the monastery was ransacked and severely damaged by Batiy hordes.

In 17-18 centuries St. Michael's Cathedral was several times rebuilt - the number of domes was increased and the walls were strengthened.

After the creation of USSR in 1922 St. Michael's monastery was closed, and in 1934-35 destroyed by the decision of the Soviet communist party. Unique mosaics of St. Michael's Cathedral were taken out to the museums of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In January 1996, after Ukraine became a sovereign state it was decided to rebuild St. Michael's Cathedral.  Anew built cathedral looks like as it was reconstructed in XVIII century in Ukrainian baroque style. Mosaics and wall paintings were returned to Ukraine and placed in cathedral.


Cathedral interior
The St. Michael Cathedral gained its renown due to mosaics and wall paintings. Cathedral's mosaics is called "flaring painting" - they are hazing enveloping all cathedral's space with its dying down and again flaring with new volume radiance. They belong to the creation of master Alimpiy, whose name was surrounded by legends already during his life.

St. Michael's Cathedral


St. Michael's Cathedral

St. Michael's Cathedral

Address: Mihaylovskaya sq.


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