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Posted by Vasilisa on 13 Jul 2009

To pass throught pay-gate you need to throw in a token. You can buy tokens at the hall of any metro station. The price of one token is about 2 hryvnas, and it allows you to transfer from line to line.
Metro is the jewel of the Kyiv transport system. It's cheap and efficient. While traffic snarls vehicles above ground, underground trains deliver passengers in a more timely and reliable fashion.

kyiv metro

And thought-provoking Soviet designs inside stations help pass the time away waiting for the next train. Life isn't perfect, though, and neither is the metro. Personal space can become alarmingly tight at almost any time of the day, but especially at rush hour and at night when trains run less frequently. One ride costs 50 kopecks, for which you receive a green plastic token to insert into a machine.


kyiv metro scheme


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